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January - 2012

New Year Plans Could Disrupt Your Financial Reporting System

As we usher in the new year, new budgets and corporate plans are frequently ushered in as well...

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December - 2011

Three Part Series: The Evolution of the Budget Planning Process
Phase Three of Three: The Integration of Budgeting and Planning with the Management of the Business

To provide the highest value to the business, the planning and budgeting process needs to be part of the management process...

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November - 2011

Three Part Series: The Evolution of the Budget Planning Process
Phase Two of Three: Planning Process Improvement

Year-end is not the time to figure out your budgeting and planning processes. Chances are you’re already neck deep in documents to review and from which to draw conclusions, in hope of a more streamlined, efficient process next year...

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October - 2011

Three Part Series: The Evolution of the Budget Planning Process
Phase One of Three: The Mechanics & Control of Data Collection and Aggregation

Even if you’re a one-man show, have 100% control of your budget, and see no positive or negative fluctuations in your business, there’s room for improvement in your budgeting process. Today businesses need immediate, real-time results, not results that are obsolete as soon as they are published. Spreadsheets alone just don’t cut it anymore...

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September - 2011

It's 4th and Long - Use Excel and Punt Away your Profits

Football is back! To celebrate its return, we'll use a few football metaphors to illustrate how many companies with over $100 million in sales have poor visibility into their profits. Tracking financial performance with Excel is a profit fumble! Punt your profits away with Excel! Sound a little harsh?...

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August - 2011

You can't fix stupid...An Essbase Story

The Finance Director went for Essbase hook, line and sinker. They had been a heavy user of Excel for their budgeting and planning process and ran up against the typical problems when Excel is used for budgeting and planning, such as inconsistency with different files and scalability issues, just to name a few...

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July - 2011

Decision-making in the dark: Study shows lack of visibility into profitability

After several decades of companies focusing on improving operations through the use of specialist ERP software, along has come the age of improving the performance of management itself. A new study Performance Management: An Incomplete Picture, set out to establish the extent to which large companies around the world are achieving coherent management processes...

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June - 2011

Increased Visibility into Financial and Operational Performance Makes EPM Solutions More Critical

Enterprise performance management solutions are becoming more critical as organizations seek greater visibility into financial and operational performance. In todayís environment of limited staff in both the IT and end user areas, implementing, supporting and optimizing an enterprise performance management solution is not easy. Whether your company is currently ...

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May - 2011

Is your financial and management reporting system winning the war against Excel?

A company recognizes the need for a new financial reporting solution. They assign an experienced project manager to gather user requirements. The PM meets with the users, performs the due diligence common to projects such as these, and then goes away for a few weeks to develop the specs and parameterized reports. The financial reporting solution developed by the PM contains all the requirements...

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April - 2011

DST Recognized by Oracle as an Essbase Specialized Partner

"Decision Support Technology has been recognized by Oracle as one of seven "Specialized" Essbase consulting partners in the United States. DST is proud of our recent accomplishment and partnership with Oracle, the leader in Enterprise Performance Management. As one of only seven Oracle Essbase specialized consulting partners in the United States, we are committed to providing our clients with solutions that allow for future growth and changing business requirements...

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March - 2011

Surviving the Quarter-End Close Nightmare

It seems like just yesterday that you were wrapping up year-end. Quarter-end is now upon you and you're dreading another cumbersome financial close process. Why is it that quarter-end closes seem to be such a nightmare for finance departments? Multiple G/L's, variance analysis, statutory reporting requirements and time lines and inefficient data collections processes contribute to the chaos...

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February - 2011

Financial and Management Reporting - the Right Tool for the Job

Your company has invested in an ERP system that includes a native reporting solution. But for financial and management reporting, it lacks key features such as analytics, adhoc report development and multi-dimensional analysis. Because of this, financial departments are burdened with long reporting and processing times and inefficient workarounds. To alleviate those pains, you need a solution that can integrate and align with your existing system to deliver the intelligence...

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January - 2011

Harnessing the Power of Analytics

The power of analytics today can provide a strategic weapon to beat your competition, increase sales, operate more efficiently and make more money. The speed of decision-making is a competitive weapon and a requirement. By harnessing the power of analytics to understand what's coming - instead of merely parsing what has happened - corporations can position themselves to proactively manage their success...

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December - 2010

Smart Enterprise Performance Management Strategies for Uncertain Times

A December 2008 survey by CFO Magazine showed that 70% of CFOs canít forecast more than a quarter out. Most budgets prepared for 2009 were out of date the moment the year started. More than ever, CFOs and financial managers must be "hands on" with their budget data. At the same time, history shows that deliberately not following the herd and displaying contrarian behavior are cornerstones of establishing a leadership position for better times ahead...

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November - 2010

Enterprise Performance Management Innovations

Description: The recession of the past two years has been challenging for all companies and organizations globally. The reduction in demand, and uncertainty it presented, caused many organizations to resort to cost-cutting to minimize losses and retain profitability. However, some organizations took advantage of the downturn to rethink their business strategies and re-tool so that they would be in a better position when the economy rebounds...

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October - 2010

Why Oracle Essbase is the Best Management Reporting Solution

Oracle Essbase has been the industry standard for over 20 years for management reporting. Oracle Essbase solutions allow you to model complex scenarios and perform 'what-if' analysis, which provides for better decisions today that will affect tomorrow's performance. Below are three core capabilities that has allowed Oracle Essbase to be the best management reporting solution available...

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September - 2010

Improve your company's future by leveraging EPM

Looking to improve your company's profitability, financial close process and lower costs? Of course, everyone is! Learn how Decision Support Technology and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) can help your company achieve improved profitability and lower costs with the new release of Oracle EPM 11.1.2...

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