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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems are designed to support management reporting.  Management reporting brings together financial, sales, inventory, supply chain and operational data into one place, allowing the systems to facilitate trend and variance analysis by combining actual consolidated financial data with budget, forecast and long range planning data.  The ability to compare current actual results to past and current targets allows companies to hold managers accountable for their organization’s performance.

Electronic information systems drive the operations of today’s companies.  Whether it is a point of sale system in a small retail outlet or full blown integrated ERP system running one the of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, operational systems collect the valuable transaction level data that tell companies what their business is doing.  They provide details about all of the systems and processes that produce, sell and deliver products. Because these systems’ scope is limited to a given process or function, past and present, they cannot tell us whether each function of the company is meeting expectations or how well the overall company is performing.  So, while operational reporting systems are essential to running today’s companies, management reporting systems are necessary to help companies measure performance, create accountability and drive profitability.

Bringing all data together to create meaningful information can be an overwhelming exercise for many businesses both large and small.  DST’s consultants are experts at developing integrated EPM solutions.  With unmatched technical skills combined with solid business acumen, DST is able to understand your organization’s business data faster and deliver more meaningful, accurate and valuable management reports.  We are able to anticipate your business’ reporting needs and our flexible designs allow for the inevitable changes required to support your corporate analytic and reporting needs as your company continues to evolve and grow. DST systems are built to perform and built to last. 

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